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From Brian Stansberry <>
Subject Re: Idea: combine JCL 2.0 and UGLI in Logging Services' CL2
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2005 05:17:37 GMT

--- Simon Kitching <> wrote:

> Surely tomcat could have a container/lib directory
> in which jar files 
> are visible to tomcat but not to the webapps?
> Putting jcl in here 
> instead of shared/lib would then make logging in
> individual webapps much 
> more predictable. Yes, webapps would then have to
> provide 
> commons-logging.jar themselves in WEB-INF/lib, and
> that would cause 
> duplicate copies in memory, but that also means that
> the individual 
> webapps are properly isolated from each other.
> Optimisations with 
> potentially complex side-effects (libs in a shared
> classloader) should 
> be an *optional* step, not the default for the
> container.

A tricky aspect of Tomcat is that besides providing
container services, it also provides code that runs
inside the individual web applications (e.g. JSP
servlet and the DefaultServlet for serving static
content).  So, while in general Tomcat acts more like
an application and could probably pick whatever
logging framework it wants, some portions of its code
are more like a library and should use a logging
abstraction like JCL.  These portions of the code need
to be in the shared classloader, and the
commons-logging-api.jar needs to be available to them.


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