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From Neeme Praks <>
Subject Re: [net] [ftp] [patch] and
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2005 08:01:43 GMT

No, they don't pass on a machine that has a default locale set to 
something non-english.

The problem is that the tests are assuming too much about the default 
For example, if you create a new SimpleDateFormat without providing a 
locale or a set of DateFormatSymbols then that SimpleDateFormat will use 
the default stuff. And then the test code assumes that it will get 
english month names but, for example in my case, it will get Estonian 
month names and it will fail.

I hope that clarified things up a bit?


Steve Cohen wrote:

> What do you mean, "make the tests pass"?  The tests, as written, 
> already pass.  Perhaps you are saying that the tests don't test 
> everything they need to test.  But you have not identified what those 
> issues are.
> If you come up with a test case that shows a problem, then the 
> solution is to add the test and fix the code as necessary.
> Or am I misunderstanding you?

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