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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Re: [net] [ftp] [patch] and
Date Sat, 02 Apr 2005 03:45:07 GMT
Yes it does, thank you very much.
Neeme Praks wrote:
> No, they don't pass on a machine that has a default locale set to 
> something non-english.
> The problem is that the tests are assuming too much about the default 
> locale.
> For example, if you create a new SimpleDateFormat without providing a 
> locale or a set of DateFormatSymbols then that SimpleDateFormat will use 
> the default stuff. And then the test code assumes that it will get 
> english month names but, for example in my case, it will get Estonian 
> month names and it will fail.
> I hope that clarified things up a bit?
> Rgds,
> Neeme
> Steve Cohen wrote:
>> What do you mean, "make the tests pass"?  The tests, as written, 
>> already pass.  Perhaps you are saying that the tests don't test 
>> everything they need to test.  But you have not identified what those 
>> issues are.
>> If you come up with a test case that shows a problem, then the 
>> solution is to add the test and fix the code as necessary.
>> Or am I misunderstanding you?

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