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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: Is there an Apache or java standard for expressing non-English String literals
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2005 18:31:06 GMT
Steve Cohen wrote:
> Would others agree with this?  Is the best editor setting for editing 
> code where i18n could be an issue to set the editor to UTF-8 or is it 
> better to leave it at its default local setting?  What are the pros 
> and cons here?  Had I set the editor for UTF-8 would I not have had 
> these issues?  Or is it best to consciously code with explicit unicode 
> escapes to avoid these issues on ANYONE's editor?  Or both?
I think the best is to encode source in UTF-8.
I am not sure about unicode escapes, maybe it might be best to be sure 
no wrong configured ide could destroy sensible data.
For javadoc I dont want to use this unicode-escapes, if you browse 
through the source it is bad to read.

What needs to be addressed to is the target encoding. If I recall 
correctly you could set the source-encoding and the target(?)-encoding 
of a source file. e.g. If you compile your source for target UTF-8 then 
you might have i18n issues again.

But I think we could ignore this problem and use UTF-8 for target 
encoding. There might only be a problem if we output utf-8 encoded 
string literals hardcoded into the source what is not very common. 
However, If it happens and it is not acceptable for a user it is easy to 
recompile a library with the desired encoding.


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