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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: [lang] Release Candidiate 7 available
Date Sun, 29 May 2005 12:00:07 GMT
On Sat, 2005-05-28 at 21:25 -0400, Steven Caswell wrote:
> Commons-lang 2.1 RC7 is now available at 

This looks pretty good to me.

+1 from me on this as a final release.

There are a few minor details which I'll list below. None of them are
worth creating another RC for I believe but if you are creating another
RC for some reason it might be worth looking at them:

The binary distro looks fine to me. Couldn't see any issues.

[source distro]
When running "ant dist-build-2.1" with java1.5:
  * all ok
When running "ant dist-build-2.1" with java1.2.2:
  * all ok
When running "maven" with java1.5:

    [echo] java:jar is deprecated and will be removed. Please use

Otherwise, all ok.

When running "maven dist", checkstyle report fails

    [echo] Using file:checkstyle.xml for checkstyle ...

File...... /home/simon/.maven/cache/maven-checkstyle-plugin-2.5/plugin.jelly
Element... ant:checkstyle
Line...... 144
Column.... 63
Unable to create a Checker: unable to find file:checkstyle.xml
Total time: 1 minutes 19 seconds
Finished at: Sun May 29 23:30:25 NZST 2005

--> looks to me like checkstyle.xml should be included in the source
    distribution (or the checkstyle check turned off by default)
When running "maven dist", clover test fails.

    [echo] Compiling
to /home/simon/downloads/commons-lang-2.1-RC7/target/clover/classes
    [javac] Compiling 70 source files
to /home/simon/downloads/commons-lang-2.1-RC7/target/clover/classes
    [javac] Clover Version 1.3_01, built on July 09 2004
    [javac] loaded
from: /home/simon/.maven/repository/clover/jars/clover-ant-1.3_01.jar
    [javac] [ERROR] No license file found.

File...... /home/simon/.maven/cache/maven-java-plugin-1.5/plugin.jelly
Element... ant:javac
Line...... 63
Column.... 48
Invalid or missing License
Total time: 41 seconds
Finished at: Sun May 29 23:32:20 NZST 2005

--> Have no ideas on this one.

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