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From "Boris Unckel" <>
Subject Re: [logging] J2EE Spec and classloader order (WAS: requirements and static binding)
Date Fri, 06 May 2005 07:31:15 GMT
> Branching this discussion off, as I realize my
> previous post forked a thread.

> Could be (although my gut instinct says otherwise). 
> Any BEA/Websphere/Geronimo/YourFavoriteAppServer
> experts out there know of support for child-first
> loading for EJBs?
WebSphere 5 has Option to 

*Application classloader policy (Specifies whether there is a single
classloader for all applications ("Single") or a classloader per application
 - Single
 - Multiple

*Application class loading mode( Specifies the class loading mode when the
application classloader policy is "Single"!):
 - ParentFirst
 - ParentLast


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