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From Thomas Dudziak <>
Subject Re: Commons-Collections enhanced with Java Generics Support
Date Tue, 24 May 2005 21:25:53 GMT
> 1) Should it be a separate project or a branch of Commons-Collections?
> It is the case that Java 1.5 classes are NOT binary compatible with
> previous runtime environments (1.4 and earlier). So, the original
> Collections have a very long life ahead of them. Also, an enormous
> number of third-party libraries have the Commons-Collections as a
> dependency and it will not be possible to ensure binary compatibility
> between the generic-enabled Commons-Collections and the original
> library, even if the code is run on the 1.5 platform. This could result
> in some misery if a programmer requires libraries that depend on both
> versions. So, this suggests to me that the generics-enabled
> Commons-Collections should be a new project with a different package
> structure than the original.

Mhmm, I'm not sure why missing binary compatibility makes it necessary
to create a different package structure let alone a different project
? Shouldn't it suffice to create two jars, one for pre-1.5 and one for
1.5 and above ? Depending on which Java version the user employs, he
then chooses one of these jars. This even ensures drop-in
compatibility for people that already use commons-collections with
Java 5.
And branching or a different project means maintaining two APIs in parallel ...

> 2) Is there enough support for the 1.5 Collections to warrant a new project?
> I agree with the points raised earlier on this topic. Developers may not
> yet be clamoring for this, but as more of them adopt 1.5, they may begin
> doing so. Also, a high-profile project like the Commons-Collections
> could help attract developers to 1.5.

+1, especially if enough gaps are filled (like with the 'old'


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