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From Fernando Nasser <>
Subject Re: Download statistics for commons components?
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 18:31:11 GMT
Rory Winston wrote:
> I've recently been wondering about the availability of actual downloads of various Commons
components. Is there anywhere we can go to in order to check out the actual numbers? After
all, this would be the definitive estimate of the popularity/vitality of a component, or even
which version of a component is most popular. I know there are some links on Apache which
track downloads of various other packages, but I haven't seen any for Commons. Do they exist?
Can we get them?

Don't forget that sometimes one download worths many. For instance, 
someone downloads commons-xyz and ships it with Tomcat, or JOnAS, or 
Geronimo...  you get the picture.

Also, there are commons-xyz that are downloaded as RPMs from several 
places, like, Fedora repositories, etc.

At JPackage we tried to get some numbers but it became impossible due to 
the large numbers of mirrors.

Perhaps trying to keep the list of projects that use each commons-xyz 
piece would provide a better picture, as the commons have this "building 
block" characteristic.


P.S.: Perhaps those individual project mailing lists is not such a bad 
idea (keeping the global one as a catch all).  Mailing list traffic, bug 
reports, enhancement requests are another good metric for the popularity 
of a project.

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