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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: maven site with svn?
Date Tue, 17 May 2005 15:32:33 GMT
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Maven plugin is fixed in code for windows quoting, broken on unix.

The SVN date issue is not fixable (the SVN team members I spoke to
didn't completely rule it out, but it seemed complicated and unlikely).

So what needs to be "fixed" is to provide non-date based changelog reports.

I'm hoping to work on it shortly.

- - Brett

Dion Gillard wrote:

>I'll leave it enabled for the time being.
>Let us know when it's fixed, or if we can help.
>When you say 'fixed in SVN' do you mean the maven plugin SVN has fixed
>code or the SVN project has fixed the bug?
>On 5/16/05, Brett Porter <> wrote:

> Hi Dion,
> Windows specific problem. Has been fixed in SVN, however... I recommend
> turning off the changelog plugin for now. Date based revision searches
> won't work correctly with Apache's SVN:
> My current plan (hope to implement it soon), is to allow changelog to be
> a "last X entries" report if that is possible.
> - Brett
> Dion Gillard wrote:
> >Has anyone seen the following error when running 'maven site' now
> >we've moved to svn?
> >site:run-reports:
> >[echo] Generating the Change Log...
> >maven-changelog-plugin:report:
> >[echo] Generating the changelog report
> >SCM Working Directory:
> C:\source\jakarta\jakarta-commons\jelly\jelly-tags\ant
> >SCM Command Line[0]: svn
> >SCM Command Line[1]: log
> >SCM Command Line[2]: -v
> >SCM Command Line[3]: -r{2005-05-17}:{2005-04-16}
> >svn: Syntax error in revision argument '2005-05-17:2005-04-16'
> >ChangeLog found: 0 entries

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