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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [doc] update to "cut release" page
Date Sun, 22 May 2005 04:31:55 GMT
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Hi Simon,

This is really good doco - nice job. I only had a couple of comments,
and Phil seems to have later addressed them.

The only thing I'd add from the Maven end is that we have a couple of
general docs that you might find helpful to review and link to at
relevant points:
There are also some tools for doing the SCM tagging, and building from a
clean checkout. If you find these make any steps easier, you might like
to include them:

Feedback on the process or docs is welcome - we are revamping some of
this for m2 right now.

- - Brett

Simon Kitching wrote:

>Following in the stream of release procedure updates, here's the next
>page for review.
>proposed new:
>As before, the new one doesn't have access to the proper stylesheet so
>it looks a little different. I can promise you the style is ok; it's the
>*content* that needs reviewing :-)
>It's quite a bit different from the original this time; lots to update.
>I'll commit this in a couple of days time if there are no issues with
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