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From John Watkinson <>
Subject Commons-Collections enhanced with Java Generics Support
Date Mon, 23 May 2005 16:10:26 GMT
Dear Jakarta Commons developers,

We are pleased to announce that we have enhanced the Commons-Collections 
with Java 1.5 generics support! We have the results hosted on SourceForge:

We have done our utmost to maintain the exact same functionality as 
Collections 3.1. We have eliminated all deprecated classes that were 
scheduled for removal in 4.0. Furthermore, we have deprecated all the 
TypedXXX classes since they are made obsolete by generics.

The following classes were not converted, or were only partially converted:

- MultiMap and derivatives: MultiMap with generics breaks the 
java.util.Map contract, so only partial conversion was possible.
- All TransformedXXX collections: These classes break the 
java.util.Collection contract (or the java.util.Map contract, as 
appropriate) once generics are added. They were not converted to support 
generics at all.

We are considering adding MorphCollection, MorphMap, MorphSet, etc. 
interfaces to support MultiMaps and TransformedXXX collections. These 
interfaces would be the same as their non-morph counterparts, but 
'getting' would be templated independently of 'setting/adding'. For 
example, the MultiMap<K,V> interface would extend 
MorphMap<K,V,Collection<V>>. However, this is a large step as it would 
move these collections out from under the standard collection interfaces 
defined in java.util. We welcome any suggestions regarding this.

The collections pass all the unit tests. We have released it as a beta, 
but plan to move quickly towards a final release. We look forward to any 
suggestions and feedback from the community.


 Matt Hall and John Watkinson

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