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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Commons Filters
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 23:42:52 GMT
Well, you are in a position to drive such a thing where I am not, so I 
will keep an interested eye on how it goes... I will have some code to 
contribute when it gets going.

I would also propose that what is currently in the Servlet package in 
the sandbox probably makes sense in a Web Commons project.  There isn't 
a ton there, but there is some stuff that could serve as a seed (albeit 
a small one) for Web Commons.  I'd hate to see some potentially useful 
code kind of wither away in a Servlet package that might not go much 
further on its own.


Martin Cooper wrote:
> On 5/26/05, Simon Kitching <> wrote:
>>You might want to read this email thread:
> That is in fact why I have not responded until now. As can be seen
> from that thread, I volunteered to sound out the Taglibs community
> prior to floating a "webapps commons" subproject. That's something I'm
> hoping to get to over the long weekend.
> --
> Martin Cooper
>>A. Because it breaks the logical sequence of discussion
>>Q. Why is top posting bad?
>>On Thu, 2005-05-26 at 18:47 -0400, Frank W. Zammetti wrote:
>>>I take the silence, aside from Max that is, to mean there is no interest
>>>from the Commons dev community for this proposal?
>>>Frank W. Zammetti
>>>Founder and Chief Software Architect
>>>Omnytex Technologies
>>>On Wed, May 25, 2005 1:53 pm, Frank W. Zammetti said:
>>>>That sounds excellent.  There would be some obvious performance concerns
>>>>with such a filter, but it does sound like a useful function if one fully
>>>>understands the implications.
>>>>Frank W. Zammetti
>>>>Founder and Chief Software Architect
>>>>Omnytex Technologies
>>>>On Wed, May 25, 2005 1:43 pm, Rudman Max said:
>>>>>Can we also add a Filter to replace a regex with some value in the
>>>>>output? I've found myself having to write that a couple of times. I
>>>>>can help contribute to this effort.
>>>>>On May 25, 2005, at 9:25 AM, Frank W. Zammetti wrote:
>>>>>>Proposal for Commons Filters Package (hope I did this right!)
>>>>>>I frequently see questions asked on the Struts Users and Tomcat Users
>>>>>>lists that result in the answer "write a servlet filter for it".
>>>>>>are many functions which it would be nice to have available in a
>>>>>>filter in
>>>>>>a flexible, independant way, things that can be reused across many
>>>>>>projects without being tied to a particular framework or server.
>>>>>>With this in mind, I propose a new Commons Filters package.
>>>>>>Alternatively, this could be a new component under the Commons
>>>>>>package, but that package would need to move in to the sandbox I
>>>>>>I am open to either approach, although I prefer the first.
>>>>>>Scope of the package
>>>>>>Any function which can be used independant of a given framework or
>>>>>>server might be eligible.  By way of example, the following are some
>>>>>>filters I have written and which might make good candidates:
>>>>>>* CacheControlFilter - This allows for control of setting cache
>>>>>>similar to the Struts RequestProcessor's cachecontrol setting, but
>>>>>>in a
>>>>>>more fine-grained manner.
>>>>>>* AppAvailabilityFilter - This allows a developer to determine if
>>>>>>application is available to users based on a defined "availability
>>>>>>* InvalidUserRedirectFilter - This allows for redirection to a defined
>>>>>>page when a particular attribute is not found in session.
>>>>>>Interaction with other packages
>>>>>>Commons Logging would be used for all logging functionality, and
>>>>>>Digester would be used for any configuration file parsing that a
>>>>>>might require.
>>>>>>I would be willing to provide at least a few initial filters to get
>>>>>>codebase going.  I am reasonably sure others will contribute their
>>>>>>Identify the base name for the package
>>>>>>Perhaps org.apache.commons.servletfilters might be more
>>>>>>appropriate, or if
>>>>>>put under the Servlets package then org.apache.commons.servlet.filters
>>>>>>would be the name.
>>>>>>Identify the coding conventions for this package
>>>>>>The code would use the Sun Standard coding conventions (mostly!).
>>>>>>Identify any Jakarta-Commons resources to be created
>>>>>>* Mailing list - Commons dev/user lists would be used, I do not
>>>>>>this ever requiring its own list.  Besides, I agree with the
>>>>>>concept that
>>>>>>all Commons projects should probably use the same two lists to achieve
>>>>>>maximum benefit of a "Commons" project philosophy.
>>>>>>* CVS repository - Probably a root branch of the Jakarta-Commons
>>>>>>CVS?  I
>>>>>>leave this to those that know more than me to decide!
>>>>>>* Bugzilla - The package should be listed as a component of under
>>>>>>Jakarta-Commons Bugzilla entry.
>>>>>>Identify the initial set of committers to be listed in the Status
>>>>>>Frank W. Zammetti, although I'm not sure I *can* be listed because
>>>>>>I have
>>>>>>no present involvement under Apache officially and I don't know
>>>>>>what the
>>>>>>rules/requirements are, so again I leave this to those that know
>>>>>>more than
>>>>>>me to decide... as long as I am involved in some fashion I'm OK
>>>>>>with it.
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Frank W. Zammetti
Founder and Chief Software Architect
Omnytex Technologies

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