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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Subject [Proposal] Commons Filters
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 16:25:22 GMT
Proposal for Commons Filters Package (hope I did this right!)

I frequently see questions asked on the Struts Users and Tomcat Users
lists that result in the answer "write a servlet filter for it".  There
are many functions which it would be nice to have available in a filter in
a flexible, independant way, things that can be reused across many
projects without being tied to a particular framework or server.

With this in mind, I propose a new Commons Filters package. 
Alternatively, this could be a new component under the Commons Servlets
package, but that package would need to move in to the sandbox I believe. 
I am open to either approach, although I prefer the first.

Scope of the package
Any function which can be used independant of a given framework or app
server might be eligible.  By way of example, the following are some
filters I have written and which might make good candidates:

* CacheControlFilter - This allows for control of setting cache headers,
similar to the Struts RequestProcessor's cachecontrol setting, but in a
more fine-grained manner.

* AppAvailabilityFilter - This allows a developer to determine if an
application is available to users based on a defined "availability

* InvalidUserRedirectFilter - This allows for redirection to a defined
page when a particular attribute is not found in session.

Interaction with other packages
Commons Logging would be used for all logging functionality, and Commons
Digester would be used for any configuration file parsing that a filter
might require.

I would be willing to provide at least a few initial filters to get the
codebase going.  I am reasonably sure others will contribute their work

Identify the base name for the package

Perhaps org.apache.commons.servletfilters might be more appropriate, or if
put under the Servlets package then org.apache.commons.servlet.filters
would be the name.

Identify the coding conventions for this package
The code would use the Sun Standard coding conventions (mostly!).

Identify any Jakarta-Commons resources to be created
* Mailing list - Commons dev/user lists would be used, I do not envision
this ever requiring its own list.  Besides, I agree with the concept that
all Commons projects should probably use the same two lists to achieve
maximum benefit of a "Commons" project philosophy.

* CVS repository - Probably a root branch of the Jakarta-Commons CVS?  I
leave this to those that know more than me to decide!

* Bugzilla - The package should be listed as a component of under the
Jakarta-Commons Bugzilla entry.

Identify the initial set of committers to be listed in the Status File
Frank W. Zammetti, although I'm not sure I *can* be listed because I have
no present involvement under Apache officially and I don't know what the
rules/requirements are, so again I leave this to those that know more than
me to decide... as long as I am involved in some fashion I'm OK with it.

Frank W. Zammetti
Founder and Chief Software Architect
Omnytex Technologies

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