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From Mattias J <>
Subject Re: [Jakarta-commons Wiki] Update of "JakartaCommonsEtiquette" by SimonKitching
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 07:44:29 GMT
SimonKitching wrote:
>+ Any Jakarta committer (not just commons committers) has the right ask 
>for karma (commit access) and have it granted. The right place to ask is 
>on the commons-dev mailing list.
>+ Commit access to the sandbox is unfortunately '''not''' available to 
>people who are not existing Jakarta committers, no matter how good their 
>idea. Such projects are generally encouraged to start somewhere like 
> Once a solid community has been established and existing 
>projects are using the component, it may be possible to integrate the 
>project direct into commons if the project developers feel that is 
>appropriate, and the commons community feels the component is a good fit 
>with commons goals.

And if I am not currently a Jakarta commiter, but would like sandbox commit 
access for existing sandbox projects?

  /Mattias Jiderhamn 

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