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From "Gary Gregory" <>
Subject RE: [VFS][POLL] Get VFS out of sandbox now?
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 15:49:33 GMT

The #1 issue I've personally had with working on VFS in the past - it's
been a while - is building and testing. To me, documenting how to test,
which FTP server to access or set up locally, etc would add much value.
Maybe someone already doc'd that?


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From: Mario Ivankovits [] 
Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2005 11:16 PM
To: Jakarta Commons Developers List
Subject: [VFS][POLL] Get VFS out of sandbox now?


Due to some user requests I would like to know if you think its possible

to get VFS out of the sandbox.

I think the main reason for the requests is to have releases and thus a 
stable api between the x.0 releases.
Also it might be easier for me to implement changes as I am not forced 
to provide a working nightly build.
Currently its a game of luck when picking up a nightly build for a 
production system.

Currently there are 2 enhancements and 2 bugs filed in bugzilla


Even if not fixed they sholdnt be a show stopper for release 1.0

Yesterday I started to document how the setup of a VFS testserver (for 
development). Yes, ... no joke. I think it will be finished end of week.
After this the documentation should be sufficient.

Plan for the future (not ordered by importance)
*) Implement a memory filesystem. Maybe based on

*) rework the caching model to allow VFS to run without any cache at

*) extended ant tasks

If there is consent I can start a voting.


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