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From "Brent Worden" <>
Subject Re: [math] Making PRNG pluggable in o.a.c.m.random classes
Date Mon, 23 May 2005 12:50:53 GMT
Adding a wrapper makes total sense.  That way, any RandomGenerator (ours or 
someone elses) implementation can be used where Random objects are required. 
Likewise, a RandomGenerator that wraps a Random would be a good addition. 
Then any Random extension can be used inside commons-math.  With those two 
wrappers we would have complete, bi-directional pluggability with the J2SE.


"Phil Steitz" <> wrote in message
Thanks, Brent.
As I write up the docs, I am thinking about adding one more thing,
which I would apprecate feedback on.  I mentioned above that the
RandomGenerator / AbstractRandomGenerator provided a generic facility
for replacing java.util.random.  Recompilation is still required,
however, to use this.  I am thinking now that it might be useful to
add a class that *extends* java.util.Random to wrap a RandomGenerator
to make it possible to do this in a binary compatible way.  Does this
make sense?


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