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From David Graham <>
Subject Re: need help from a commons committer
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 23:36:04 GMT
Patches aren't committed just because they're available. They need to make
sense in the overall project and add some value.  Please see my comments
in bugzilla related to why this hasn't been added.


--- Kyle Miller <> wrote:

> I have posted a couple of emails trying to get some
> dbutils enhancements accepted.  Unfortunately it looks
> like there is no one activily developing / supporting
> DBUtils.
> There doesn't look like there has been an update to
> the code since 02/19/2005 from David Graham.  I
> originally submitted this enhance 02/09/2005.  The
> release 1.0 came out on 2003-11-10, release 1.1 has
> been in dev ever since. 
> There are currently 5 enhancement requests including
> mine, a couple have code attached and the others are
> requests for enhancements.  I would like to get my
> enhancements accepted
> (
> as it would add stored procedure support to DBUtils
> which currently doesn't have any support for stored
> procedures.  
> I would also like to implement the other enhancement
> requests, but I'm not going to if there is no one to
> review / accept them.
> I think we should implement the outstanding
> enhancements and patches and make a 1.1 release. 
> Though I will help from someone whom is a committer. 
> Is anyone willing to help me?

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