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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [proposal] exec support in commons
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 23:47:25 GMT
Well, both our replies did say we were swamped :)

At some point we will want this, so I will create an empty sandbox
project. You might like to read (you may already have)
Basically to start we need to send an email to this list with a
proposal, similar to what you've done already but with a bit more details:
- name (commons-exec?)
- rationale (this is really what you've already said, so include that)
- scope (the goals we'd like to achieve: feature X, Y, incorporate
functionality from Ant's exec and plexus-utils)
That should be all. List Stefan (I'll dob him in since he seemed
interested, he can always change his mind) and myself as initial committer.

Next, we can discuss the design choices and goals here using an [exec]
prefix on emails (or whatever is chosen).

I'll be happy to import any code from your patches. Please let me know
if you obtained it from another project such as Ant, plexus-utils or
somewhere else as I'll need to be checking that.


- Brett

Niklas Gustavsson wrote:

> Hi again,
> I never got any reply to the answers below so I'll try again :-)
> If you still exec support of interest, what would be the appropriate
> way  to proceed to either:
> 1. donate the code to an existing Commons project (possibly as a
> biggish patch)
> 2. create a new project ("exec") using the code as a starting point.
> 3. some other way
> I'm not a Apache commiter but would of course be happy to work by
> commiting patches.
> /niklas

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