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From "Alex Coyle" <>
Subject [configuration] Locale aware configuration
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2005 20:26:44 GMT
Hi there,

Some months ago there was a discussion regarding a decorator for a 
configuration, 'ConfigurationLocaleAware', that would provide a locale 
sensitive API to get properties. At that time a reference was made to the 
'Scarab' project to show how it might be implemented. I'm interested in 
creating such a decorator, but I couldn't find much Scarab information to 
see how it was tackled there.

Any pointers? I've had a stab at a design, but currently I can't find a way 
to avoid using 'instanceof' to find out the type of configuration my 
decorator is wrapping, e.g. AbstractFileConfiguration, 
DatabaseConfiguration, JNDIConfiguration. This is necessary to create a new 
configuration based on the wrapped one, with a 'suffix' for locale sensitive 
lookups. This approach doesn't cater for a CompositeConfiguration either - 
the only way I can see to do that is provide a locale aware implementation 
of a composite configuration.



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