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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [javaflow] debug code
Date Sat, 17 Sep 2005 23:06:04 GMT
> I made a few changes so that debug code doesn't run by default (I  
> don't think applications want to see the class file dumps in the  
> current directory!) I hope this change is OK with you.

Hehe :) Sure

> I have a few other debug code related issues.
> The first one is easy one. I saw that javaflow.jar ships with  
>, which configures the logger to print the  
> debug messages. Shouldn't this file be moved to the src/test?

Well, would probably be good enough.

> Second, because of the way javaflow instruments 'new' instruction,  
> every constructor argument goes through a Stack object.


> I still get a warning saying "FileInputStream is not serializable"  
> when the first line is executed (not when the execution suspends.)


> So I'm wondering what to do with this.
> One idea that occurred to me is that when we see a non-serializable  
> object pushed into a stack, we just create an exception without  
> throwing it.

TBH ...that's one of the things were
I wasn't sure either. Actually what
I was thinking is that it would be
much better to provide an API where
you can register a listener so you
get notified about the non-serializable


> The trouble I have in the workflow engine is that I want to ship it  
> with logging turned off by default (because of those false- 
> positives), but when there's actually a problem, I want to provide  
> a meaningful errors right away. Telling them to manually turn on  
> the logging won't be a very good user experience.


Torsten (who is still working through a 3 weeks backlog of emails)

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