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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: [proposal] Location utilities
Date Sun, 18 Sep 2005 20:26:52 GMT
James Carman wrote:

>I like the idea.  I think the line-precise error reporting feature in
>Tapestry/HiveMind is very helpful and other projects could benefit from it.
>However, I would seriously doubt that we could get either project (Howard,
>correct me if I'm wrong) to migrate over to using it because of the
>reluctance to introduce another dependency.

Rather than another dependency, the biggest problem for projects that 
already have such a feature exposed to users would be the code migration 
leading to some compatibility problems (although some adapters can be 
used to ease the transition).

>This fear of "jar hell" (we
>really need to come up with a formal name for that phobia) seems to limit
>inter-project dependencies a lot here at Apache.  I doubt I'll ever even get
>HiveMind to switch over to using commons-proxy as a core dependency, even
>though I think it would make it tremendously more developer-friendly and

Strange. Adding a dependency on a commons-* looks like something easy to 
me exactly because it is a commons, meaning code that emerged from 
people wanting to avoid reinventing the wheel.

>Just because we don't "eat our own dog food" doesn't mean that others might
>not like a taste (my dogs seem to eat each others food almost exclusively)!
>:-)  Has this code been developed entirely inside the Cocoon source
>repository here at ASF (it has not "lived" anywhere else)?

No IP problems of any kind, as I wrote this for Cocoon back in July. 
It's fairly new, but already started spreading all over in Cocoon :-)

>If so, then it
>shouldn't be too tough to get a commons-sandbox project started for this (no
>software grant would be necessary from what I understand).  You have my +1
>for starting a project in the sandbox for this code (not that I think it's
>needed, but I just like to vote on random things).  I don't see any harm in
>it.  If it never makes it out of the sandbox due to lack of community
>interest, so be it.   If cocoon wants to migrate to using it, then that
>would make it all the more likely that it would make it out of the sandbox,

Well, Cocoon will of course be the first user of this package!


Sylvain Wallez                        Anyware Technologies
Apache Software Foundation Member     Research & Technology Director

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