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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Configuration 1.2
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 07:06:29 GMT
robert burrell donkin schrieb:
> On Wed, 2005-11-30 at 22:32 +0100, Mario Ivankovits wrote:
>>robert burrell donkin wrote:
>>>>There has been no reaction on this vote thread so far.
>>>>Will I have to cancel this release because of lack of interest? :-(
>>>3 the release has been compiled using 1.4.2: if commons-configuration is
>>>supposed to support 1.3 jdks then this could be a problem unless you've
>>>taken very careful steps.
>>I've seen this too. I checked the build and tests and found te build 
>>fails with jdk.1.3 as there are references to javax.sql.DataSource and 
>>so I thought this is a jdk1.4 project.
> perhaps it would be possible to satisfy this with an alternate jdbc
> dependency?
>>Unhappily a wrong decision by me. But this might explain why a jdk1.4 
>>were used.
> i wouldn't be too critical about that decision...
> ideally, it would be better to find another way of satisfying that
> dependency. if that isn't possible then it's important to ensure that
> users are clearly informed about the minimum JDK version. even if there
> is a 1.4 library dependency, it's best to use the source switches so
> that the rest of the library could be used on 1.3.
> - robert

Thanks for your feedback.

The classes were indeed compiled on a JDK 1.3 using the 
maven.compile.executable property. Unfortunately the jar manifest refers 
to the 1.4 JDK (probably because this is the JDK that runs maven). Is 
there a way around this?

I also had to tweak my local pom because of that jdbc dependency. I 
agree that this is not an ideal situation, especially because that 
dependency is only needed by a test class. Will see whether I can get 
rid of it.

I will also take care of the points you mentioned, Robert.


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