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From Niall Pemberton <>
Subject Re: [all] Together, and bricks apart
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 01:38:23 GMT
On 12/1/05, Stephen Colebourne <> wrote:
> Release managers are also facing tougher release checkers now IMHO. For
> instance, I haven't ignored configuration, but haven't had the time to
> check it out properly (way too much to do). I try to only give a +1 if I
> genuinely am happy. Perhaps I'm now applying too high a standard? Its a
> tough balance.

Adding to what Stephen said, voting +1 to me means at a minimum you're
indicating knowledge of the code and/or an intention to support it in
some way. For me I can do that on only 3 to 5 of the Commons
components. A good example is FileUpload - as a user I would like to
see a release, but I only recently looked at a bit of the code and
made a minor contribution. When it comes to a vote I'm not sure
whether I'll vote for it or not as I don't think I have the time to
actually provide any support. Is this the generally accepted criteria
or do others follow more or less lenient criteria?


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