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From Thomas Fischer <>
Subject [dbcp] Status of Bug 35591
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 10:09:25 GMT


I just wondered what the status of the following bug is:

Basically this bug prevents one to create serializable connections with
connection checking and without auto commit for any oracle database. The
problem is that setting the transaction isolation after the validation
query does not work for oracle because the transaction isolation has to be
set before any query is issued to the database.

I believe I have analyzed the problem correctly; there is a testcase which
shows the problem, I believe I have provided a reasonable patch, but I did
never hear anything about it; at least there are no comments or anything
added in bugzilla.

The problem has appeared at the db-torque project
( and it would be nice to know whether the
problem will be solved.

If you disagree with the solution or there is a problem with the provided
patch, please let me know. If another solution is preferred I'd volunteer
to implement it; just give some hint about the direction to go.

I appreciate that the problem is quite complex and the solution digs deep
into the internals of dbcp, so it is clear that it takes some time looking
at it. I just wanted to brush the dust off it.


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