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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Jakarta-commons Wiki] Update of "MovingComponents" by RahulAkolkar
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 00:17:21 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by RahulAkolkar:

The comment on the change is:
Condense recent thread on commons-dev about moving components into a wiki page.

New page:
This wiki page is meant to document the action items when a component changes ''state''.

=== Commons Component Lifecycle States ===

As far as the Jakarta Commons repository is concerned, a Commons component can be in '''one
and only one''' of the following states:

 * proper ([ current list])
 * sandbox ([ current list])
 * dormant ([ current list])

=== Pre-requisites ===

 * Any transition where the origin or destination is Commons Proper, requires a VOTE.
 * Revival from dormancy requires a VOTE (as documented in the "Revival" section of the [
dormant components web page]).
 * Thus effectively the only move that can occur by lazy consensus is the periodic [
sandbox pruning] for dormant components.

So, '''make sure you have called a VOTE and it has passed'''.

You will need jakarta-commons karma.

=== Sandbox graduations ===

Transitions from sandbox to proper are particularly significant, and have a number of additional
tasks associated with them. The appropriate wiki page to consult for sandbox graduations is

=== SVN move ===

For a component that changes state from <origin> to <destination>:

 1. Remove component from svn:externals from the trunks-<origin>
 1. Move component
 1. Add component to svn:externals in the trunks-<destination>

The above sequence makes sure that component is always available when listed in the particular
svn:externals. The actual SVN commands can be looked up either from the [:MovingFromSandboxToProperSVN]
or ProposalSandboxPruning wiki pages.

=== Tagging ===

Tag the component once it has been moved to its new location in SVN. The recommended tag name


Example: A component that has been moved out of sandbox in January 2006 chooses a tag SANDBOX_01_2006
after the move.

=== POM update ===

Update the POM to reflect the correct website URL for the new component state.

=== Website changes ===

 i. Publish the component website at its new location
 i. Make changes to the Commons website (look in commons-build/menus and commons-build/parts)
before re-publishing. This bit will change when we move to a Maven2 site.
 i. Optionally, remove old website and/or permanently redirect from the old website location
to new one

The sequence is important to avoid potential 404s.

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