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From "Boris Unckel" <>
Subject Re: [logging] please check release candidate 1
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 09:05:38 GMT

robert burrell donkin <>
> i've uploaded RC1 to
> please check and test the release candidate and report any mistakes or
> problems. 
Just to minor things:
- docs/api is empty, can be removed (docs/apidocs contains javadoc)

- It is comiled with 1.4.2_04 (version from
<!-- Version of java class files to generate. -->
  <property name="target.version" value="1.1"/>

<!-- Version of java source to accept -->
<property name="source.version" value="1.2"/>

The release notes state it could be build for 1.1, but it is not tested.
Does the JDK1.4 compiler really produce 1.1 code? If not, I would set the
target.version to 1.2, to avoid errors which do not clearly lead to the
wrong class version.

Second 1.4.2_10 is the actual version, for a new release I would prefer the
latest compiler (even if there a just minor or no changes). JCL releases
have a long life cycle, and will be widely spread, so it makes sence to
compile with the latest available version.


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