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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: [all] Moving a component to dormant
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2006 03:11:50 GMT
I've been using svn propedit instead of propget, but otherwise the
same approach.
I've also been lax about the website reflecting the change, I've not
got a working environment for 'maven site' yet.


On 1/1/06, Phil Steitz <> wrote:
> I would appreciate it if some more svn-knowledgable folks could verify
> the following sequence of steps to move a component - in this case
> [feedparser] to dormant.  I want to do this with minimal noise, but
> obviously no collateral damage ;-).
> 1. From directory above local checkouts of trunks-proper, trunks-dormant, use
> svn propget svn:externals trunks-proper > externals
> on these to dump current lists to text files - externals, externalsd,
> resp.  Edit the text files to remove from proper and add to dormant
> (really wish these could somehow be *versioned files* in svn or we
> could somehow get away from having to play this).
> 2. Execute the following commands to effect the move and update externals:
> svn move -m "Moved feedparser to dormant." \
> \
> svn propset -m svn:externals trunks-dormant -F externalsd
> svn propset svn:externals trunks-proper -F externals
> svn commit -m "Moved feedparser to dormant." -N trunks-dormant
> svn commit -m "Moved feedparser to dormant." -N trunks-proper
> 3. Update the pom in the new repo location to point to correct web
> location and update navigation and component list pages on j-c site to
> reflect move.  Then republish both component and main commons site.
> Thanks!
> Phil
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