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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Re: Commons, Maven, Site, Release
Date Sun, 01 Jan 2006 18:43:07 GMT
Thanks for the quick response Brett. I have it all working now, thanks 
to your changes.

To move this forward I have created a wiki page where anyone interested 
can add their comments and experiences. For starters it includes:
- instructions for getting started
- my experiences so far
- basic steps to convert a component from Maven 1 to Maven 2

If there are things that we feel needs to be changed in Maven we can add 
references to the corresponding Jira issues.

The wiki page is here:

Learning by doing often works well for me, so I have converted 
commons-id to Maven 2. At least the site generation is working properly. 
But the unit tests are failing for me. Think I saw something about that 
in another thread. Anyway, is there any interest in the files that I 
have made for commons-id?

Dennis Lundberg

Brett Porter wrote:
> Hi Dennis,
> Thanks for trying this out. Sorry I left a couple of holes. I've
> uploaded everything, and removed it locally, and verified it works.
> The instructions are now:
> - Download latest integration build from
> and
> install per normal m2 instructions (the site will require Maven 2.0.2,
> due for release in the next couple of weeks)
> - run "mvn site" from trunks-sandbox
> Let me know how it goes!
> Cheers,
> Brett
> Dennis Lundberg wrote:
>> Hi Brett
>> I finally found some time to try out the new Maven 2 site stuff that
>> you have put into the sandbox. There are quite a few hurdles to jump
>> over though and I think I fell on the last one. Hope you can help me
>> out. Here's what I did:
>> - Bootstrapped Maven from the 2.0.x branch
>> - Added to the sandbox pom.xml a build/plugins/plugin/version tag for
>> maven-site-plugin and set it to 2.0-SNAPSHOT, to get all the fancy new
>> stuff
>> - Added a skin/version tag, with the value '1.0-SNAPSHOT' to
>> src/site.xml, otherwise it tried to download the release version
>> - Added snapshot repositories to the sandbox pom
>> - When I run 'mvn site' in sandbox-trunks I get an error from Maven
>> when it is trying to download the classic-skin, see stack trace below
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