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From Mark Diggory <>
Subject Re: [math] JSR 247: Data Mining 2.0
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2006 15:11:53 GMT

This is a great idea as a specification and standard. We currently have 
a service in our project which does something similar, but its mostly 
implemented in Perl and R. 

I wonder though, how much of it would be implemented at that database 
level vs. in the application. For instance, in doing a transform that 
returned a subset of a dataset from a db, it would much more efficient 
to do it at the db level (in the query) than in the application itself.  
But I like as well the idea of a standalone java based implementation 
too (maybe on HSQLDB) or perhaps theres a direction that could be taken 
with Hibernate as well.


Phil Steitz wrote:

>There is an early draft available for download here:
>I have just started reviewing this.  We may want to provide some
>collective input to this, as there is some overlap with what we have
>already implemented in .stat.   I am willing to collect and
>consolidate feedback if there is interest in providing this to the EG.
> If we decide to go further into data mining, we will want to look at
>this very carefully.
>I will also review and apply patches in /experimental if anyone wants
>to start experimenting with providing a [math]-based implementation of
>some part of the spec.
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