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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Re: Commons, Maven, Site, Release
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2006 22:41:38 GMT
Brett Porter wrote:
> Dennis Lundberg wrote:
>> Thanks for the quick response Brett. I have it all working now, thanks
>> to your changes.
> cool
>> To move this forward I have created a wiki page where anyone
>> interested can add their comments and experiences. For starters it
>> includes:
> thanks!
>> - basic steps to convert a component from Maven 1 to Maven 2
> I don't want to go too far down this path until we have a subset of
> sandbox components working 100%, but its great that you've started this.
> I'll try and keep it up to date :)

OK, I won't go there then...

> Some comments:
> * The copyright notice at the bottom is now right-aligned (before it was
> left-aligned) and a bit smaller than before

After some digging I found that it is the custom .jsl file in 
commons-build that is responsible for the left-alignment.

That also explains why the size is different, because commons-build puts 
a table inside the footer, which in turn contains the actual text.

>      I'll file it in JIRA

See additional comments there.

> * There is no text "Doc for <version>" to the right of the publishing date
>      I left that off the parent because it doesn't go on the parent
> site, but it should be in the subprojects. Add <version position="top"
> /> to site.xml

That needs to be <version position="left">, but yes it works nicely.

>> Learning by doing often works well for me, so I have converted
>> commons-id to Maven 2. At least the site generation is working
>> properly. But the unit tests are failing for me. Think I saw something
>> about that in another thread. Anyway, is there any interest in the
>> files that I have made for commons-id?
> Since this doesn't interfere with existing builds, it'd be good to have
> another example. Have you put it into bugzilla?

Actually it does interfere. I have moved the xdocs from id/xdocs/ to 
id/site/xdoc/. Will try to set the site root and see if it still works.

What is your opinion on directory-layout? Should we change it if/when 
commons moves to Maven 2?

Dennis Lundberg

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