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From Eugene Kuleshov>
Subject Re: Javaflow and ASM
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 15:19:34 GMT

   I've tried to run unit tests for asm transformer on code from SVN 
and noticed that they all failing. I believe the reason is that you've 
changed SimpleVerifier to BasicVerifier in the method analyzer and not 
all of the checkcasts created with Object type. So, I am afraid that 
we'll have to use SimpleVerifier to get the actual types of the stack 
and local values.

   Another possible approach could be to use results of 
DataflowInterpeter to find an instructions that are consuming given 
stack value and then cast to the type required by this instruction, 
but I am not sure if there are some gaps in this approach, e.g. if 
locals will cause issues...


PS: I'll send a patch for local vars allocation later today.

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