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From Stephen Colebourne <>
Subject Re: [LANG] - Meaning of 'Complete new Tokenizer Class'
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2006 23:28:39 GMT
Harrington, James MAJ wrote:
> I was going to take a stab at this task on the LANG list, but thought
> I'd better ask a few questions first.  First, I can think of three
> possibilities for a string tokenizer implementation in LANG:
> - a new implementation for the interface presented by
> org.apache.commons.lang.text.StrTokenizer
> - a new implementation for the interface presented by
> java.util.StringTokenizer
> - an implementation of an interface representing the most commonly used
> features of string tokenizers

Asking on the list is definitely a good idea before coding excessively :-)

Where did you get the quote in the subject line?

I would say based on my review of StrTokenizer tonight that it has all 
the right methods and looks about complete. However it may not be fully 
tested, and that may be the task to do.

Also in this package, StrBuilder is complete, with the possible 
exception of adding a subBuilder() method to allow operations on a range 
of the builder. But that is quite complex to write and test.

VariableFormatter needs the most work and had outstanding patches in 
various places.


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