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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject [net] FTPS submission - legal issues
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2006 22:39:11 GMT
Josejuan Montiel ( has submitted some code 
that would implement an FTPS protocol as an addition to commons-net.  
This submission takes the form of a patch submitted as a bug via  Apparently 
this code was submitted as part of an existing project under SourceForge (  That project was originally under the LGPL, although
its owner, Paul Ferraro has apparently agreed to switch it to the Apache 

Can some of the licensing gurus comment on this, and provide feedback?  I would like to see
this happen if it's possible.  However, Mr. Montiel has more work to do before 
the team would accept the submission, and I am reluctant to suggest that he do it if some
licensing issue that I am not aware of would kill the idea.

Additionally. the submission depends on classes in the 
package.  Are these legal imports for jakarta?

Steve Cohen

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