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From "C. Grobmeier" <>
Subject [compress] Discussing compress
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 09:58:33 GMT

not knowing how to start best, i would like to kick off an discussion 
about the goals of [compress]. As i wrote in an email before ages, i 
have allready started to check out the existing lib and want to see this
component working.

I noticed, that compress ist divided into three different APIs, one for 
every compression algorithm: Zip, BZip2, Tar.
Every implementation is not complete and cool features are not ready yet 
(f.e. no possibility to delete single files from a zipfile).

Next problem is the lack of a commonly used interface: it seems one have
to learn everything about the 3 components to use it. This is quite 

I think it would be very best to have one interface, say Compress.class.
This could organize the Compression itself.

Here are the keypoints. Compress should be used to:

	- load or create an existing compressed file,
	- add files to compressed file,
	- compress a file,
	- return a list of stored files
	- delete a single file from the compressed file
	- in a later release: set special fields, like zip-fields

For these actions, Compress uses one of the 3 Compressors, 
ZipCompressor, TarCompressor or BZip2Compressor which are beeing loaded 

This is, how i would like to see the compress package. I think before 
fixing and extending the old apis, it makes sense to discuss the 
direction in general.

Ok, as a newbie to apache contributing all your comments and tips are 


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