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From Stefan Rufer <>
Subject [csv] Bugfixes
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 21:01:49 GMT
The attached patch fixes two bugs in the CSVParser:

   - Changed "end of file behaviour": When last values of a line terminated
     by CR has been read, getline() now returns null instead of String[0].
     Also the returned String[][] of getAllValues() now doesn't have
     a row to much in this case.
   - Changed "escaping behaviour": An escape char ('\') only escapes a
     delimiter in complex values i.e. values encasulated e.g. with quotes.
     An escape char never escapes a delimiter (e.g. a comma ',').

Additionally, it contains a little API enhancement to allow "chained 
calls" while configuring the parser by returning the parser instance from
each set method:
Quite handy for simple configs.

Thanks for having a look at it and maybe adding it to the source.


PS: Third patch is for the package.html file with the updated docs and 
changed project names from netcetera's to jakarta's ;-)

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