I've been working with the commons for quite some time now. I found it very difficult to handle multiple database connectivity configuration with the existing alternatives.  Hence, i decided to  work out something that resembles the log4j way of configuring multiple loggers thru' a configurator.

I've currently made a few sample factories, a working Property file configurator. I am attaching herewith, the .properties file I use to connect. I am also working on a XML configurator, in which i intend to use (Xerces) DOM or commons-digester.

Current Usage:

        PropertyConfigurator mPC=new PropertyConfigurator();

or, wrt the given sample file:


By this, i'm trying to achieve easy runtime connectivity configuration, without changing any parameters in the application... In the future, it might be a way of instantiating JDBC Context resources in tomcat.

Please let me know the idea of getting this useful feature into the commons.