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From Stephen Colebourne <>
Subject Re: [lang] initial crack at DateRange class
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 16:40:25 GMT
The question with DateRange is whether this is a direction that [lang] 
should go in. Joda-Time has demonstrated that there are many weird and 
strange things to consider when dealing with dates.


matthew.hawthorne wrote:
> I mentioned many moons ago that I had created a DateRange class for some 
>  vicious date mangling that I had to do.  I have now modified it to fit 
> into lang.time, and attached the class + unit test to a bug:
> I've been away from the commons scene for awhile, so I may have missed 
> some protocol-related details.  It'd be great if someone could take a 
> look at what I've done.
> Below is a quick API description of what is there.  I think that 
> subtract is a little iffy (although I did have a need for it), but the 
> rest seems to be fairly simple.
> Assuming that my commit rights are still in effect, I could add this to 
> the codebase myself -- but I wanted to get some feedback to make sure we 
> were all on the same page.
> Thanks!
> ----------------
> DateRange(Date startDate, Date endDate)
> equals, compareTo, toString
> -- basic stuff
> long getTime()
> -- endDate.getTime() - startDate.getTime()
> boolean contains(Date)
> boolean contains(DateRange)
> -- true if this range contains the specified Date or DateRange
> boolean intersects(DateRange)
> -- true if this range intersects with the specified DateRange
> DateRange intersection(DateRange)
> -- returns a DateRange representing the intersection between this and 
> the specified range.
> List subtract(DateRange)
> -- returns one or more DateRanges representing the difference between 
> the two ranges.  If the specified range is larger than this, than the 
> list is empty (representing a null range).  If this contains the 
> specified range, then the result will have two parts, a range from the 
> start of this to the start of the specified range, and a range from the 
> end of the specified range to the end of this.
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