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From "Peter Konstantinov">
Subject RE: [JCI] GSOC status
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 06:35:28 GMT
> > > I though we had to use a very ugly work-around but Peter found a 
> > > very smart way around that. Really good!
> >
> > Care to elaborate?
> Bytecode rewriting and proxies involved.
> Peter, care to explain that yourself? :-)
Let's see, here is some solutions, that was considered:

    * The obvious way: just create files on temp FS on disk. But it would be
hard one, because ResourceReader cann't look through all resources. And it's
very slow and ugly as well.
    * In JavaŠ” 1.6 we can replace FS using This
is the best solution - easy and fast, but compatible only with java 1.6. But
we can use anyway.
    * What if we use this approach for java 1.5-? What would we do to make
compiler think, that it works with files, but use sources in memory? We need
just create own ClassLoader, which will replace file-working classes with
our memory-working proxis. I do it through jboss:javasist, but we can use
any other library (asm, bcel), or handmade butecode replacer.

Peter Konstantinov

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