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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: [vote] Release commons-jelly-tags-interaction 1.1
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 21:33:45 GMT
Rahul Akolkar wrote:
> Regardless of what Jelly has been doing in the past, IMO its a good
> idea to have source distributions for any release, given which one
> would be able to (atleast after meeting certain pre-requisites)
> effectively reproduce the release binaries. Why don't Jelly taglibs
> have accompanying source distros?
As a general wish, I only agree.
In this case both limit in time and the fact that this tag-library is 
exactly made of one class tend me to not do so.
> Note we had a similar situation in Jakarta Taglibs which AFAICT has
> since been remedied. Also, a gentle reminder to please tag SVN (as
> previous Jelly releases have done).
Of course tagging was planned. Do you mean I should tag RC1 as well ?
> Since I've not participated in the discussion so far, and wasn't
> around to bring this up earlier for the last three days when the plan
> (below) was posted, I will vote 0. I will also encourage you to leave
> votes open for atleast 72 hours (instead of 36).
The fact that I sent this wish already long ago, with less clarity 
indeed, pushes me here. And also, the fact that maven plugin release is 


> Thank you for your time towards this release.
> -Rahul
>> thank you in advance.
>> paul
>> Paul Libbrecht wrote:
>> > Here's the plan:
>> > - all issues with this tag-libs are cleared
>> > - no further changes are needed for the release... and almost no risk
>> > of concurrent change exist (hence no branch is needed).
>> > - the release shall, as with most jelly-tag-libraries, only produce
>> > jar files to be consumed from the maven repo at ibiblio and the repo
>> > at apache. No source or binary distribution will be made.
>> > - once the vote passed, I will simply update changes.xml and
>> > project.xml, tag the files, upload the jar to the Apache, submit a jar
>> > upload to iblio's repo.
>> >
>> > I have assembled the following release candidates...
>> > - a site with RC1 version tag:
>> >
>> > - a jar which is the sole outcome of this subproject:
>> > 
>> >

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