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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject Re: How can I search the mailing list archive
Date Sun, 18 Jun 2006 17:30:42 GMT
>On 6/18/06, Kenneth Xu <> wrote:
> I appreciate all the answers but didn't except to bring up a debate. IMHO,
> can we at least have a mailing list FAQ to tell people what options we have
> today to search the archive?

There are references to marc and mail-archive on the main apache
mailing list page here:
and also on the Jakarta mailing list page (linked from the commons nav) here:

> I did send request to
> but got an empty FAQ back :-)
> If there is anything I can do, I would happy to volunteer myself.

If you want to suggest contents for commons-dev-faq, we should be able
to get that content added (maybe someone with more ezmlm-foo than me
can give a clue on how to do this).

If you mean improving the commons / jakarta documentation, help in
that area is always welcome :-)  The commons web pages are generated
using maven 1, from xdoc sources in
The Jakarta site is also generated from xdocs, but using Ant, with sources here:

If you want to patch the docs and have problems getting started or
with the mechanics of submitting patches, please feel free to ask for
help here.  Patches for the commons site should be added to Jira
tickets here
Patches for the Jakarta site should just be attached to mails to
general@jakarta with [site][patch] in the subject line.

If you mean restoring an apache-hosted mail archive search capability,
the best thing to do is probably to jump into the mod_mbox work that
Simon referred to above, but there is no guarantee that even if that
were released, the apache infrastructure team would sign up to
maintain it for ASF lists.  We used to host eyebrowse and had to
decommission it due to chronic problems.  Maybe one of the more
infra-active peeps can chime in on this.   The place to get involved
in mod_mbox is

Thanks for the feedback!


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