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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject Re: [compress] Draft 7
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2006 01:07:27 GMT
> > o) The usage of the "Archiver" is still awkward. You create an
> > Archiver, then set the filename of the archive. Why not have an
> > "Archive" interface representing the archive  and a "ArchiveFactory"
> >
> >  Archive arch = ArchiveFactory.getInstance(new File("my.tar");
> please take a look at the examples:
> Archiver archiver = ArchiverFactory.getInstance(                        new
> File("C:\\Temp\\"));
> You can allready do that. Further you can do this:
> If you don't have one, you are going thru
> ArchiverFactory.getInstance("zip");
> And set the name with;
> Please verify if you have draft 7.

IMO you add a file to the individual "Archive" not to the "Archvier".
That's why I would prefer to have a "TarArchive" that represents the
original archive file. Its name would be immutable.

So I suggest

 o Archiver -> Archive
 o make the Archive name immutable (no setName)

But maybe I am off here ...any other opinions?

> I think it's a good thing to move the
> Decompressor Interface methods to the Compressor interface too and to
> delete the Decompressor. This is similar to Archiver, which is a nice
> thing now.

Hm... I liked the separation ...but I fear you are right - will there
at any stage be a compressor without the decompressor? That's the
questions. Answer: it probably should not. So it might be ok...

What do others think?

> > o) If you want a certain compressor without going through the factory I
> > think
> >
> >  Compressor compressor = Bzip2Compressor.getInstance();
> >
> > would be the right way to go.
> Ok, that's easy. Why would someone like to do that?

Think you are right - direct instanciation is probably good enough.

 Compressor compressor = new Bzip2Compressor();

Question is whether compressor is threadsafe and one instance could be
shared ...but fair enough. Probably better that way.



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