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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject Re: I wrote several methods for IOCommons FileUtil. How can I donate it to IOCommons?
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 09:43:31 GMT
> The JarEntry and ZipEntry treat non ASCII symbols different.
> See for details
> (unfortunatly it is the only plase I found it explained).

So the general algorithm is the same only the handling of the entries differs.
Fair enough. Thanks for the pointer.

> re:Getting from File to FileInputStream is easy and no reason to add
> compression algorithms to IO.
> I want to compress file (or dir). I get file on input and file(or byte[]) on
> output. I can't understand why it should't be placed to IO.
> If you look throw the code it works with IO packeges most of the time.

That's a bogus argument. Just because I have code that uses mostly classes does not make me file a JSR. ZipEntry is
btw not

> Also I don't think it was good idea to seporate compress from IO. ;-)

Well, I like to separate concerns ...putting all different kinds of
algroithm implementations into one project mixes concerns. And I don't
think *that'*s a good idea ;-)

> to me it is same as example with PrintWriter
> what aproach do you prefer
> this one
> FileWriter fout = new FileWriter("fred.txt");
> BufferedWriter bout = new BufferedWriter(fout);
> PrintWriter pout = new PrintWriter(bout);
> or that one
> PrintWriter pout = new PrintWriter("fred.txt");
> I prefer the second variant.

Sorry, but do you actually read my responses?


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