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From Bryce L Nordgren <>
Subject Collections-events
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2006 20:05:40 GMT

>Commons-collections is too big. It was deliberately
>broken out to make both parts managable.

>This project did have quite an active life at first.
>Where it floundered was that there were IIRC three
>competing code implementations (not just designs). I
>believe that all are currently in SVN. To revive this,
>we would have to select one without excessive ego.

I'm not sure I'm looking at the same package.  I see 25 classes, 30 tops.
There doesn't seem to be any overlap (e.g. two concepts coded in competing
ways).  And when it's compiled, the jar is 35k.  (less than 10% of
commons-collections, which weighs in at 500k--and commons-events depends on
commons-collections to boot).

>I also believe that Michael Heuer may have released
>something related on

Cool.  I'll go looking for it too.


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