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From "Davanum Srinivas" <>
Subject [ANNOUNCEMENT] Commons Modeler 2.0 Released
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2006 21:26:30 GMT

The Commons Modeler team is pleased to announce the final release of Commons
Modeler 2.0. The Modeler component of the Jakarta Commons subproject
offers convenient support for configuring and instantiating Model
MBeans (management beans), as described in the JMX Specification.

The binary distribution is available at:

and the source distribution is available at:

When downloading from a mirror site, please remember to verify the
signatures of the distribution using the keys found on the main Apache
web site:

For more information on Commons Modeler, see the Modeler web site:

o In org.apache.commons.modeler.BaseModelMBean, getObjectName's method
  signature was as follows:
    public getObjectName()
  Now it has been changed to
    public String getObjectName()
  NOTE: This was not logged as a modeler bug. More information can be
  found at the Sun Bug Database:
o In org.apache.commons.modeler.BaseModelMBean, Folks who need the
  ObjectName can now use the new method:
    public getJmxName()
  NOTE: This was not logged as a modeler bug. More information can be
  found at the Sun Bug Database:
o In org.apache.commons.modeler.util.IntrospectionUtils, A new method
  clear has been added:
    public void clear()
  NOTE: This was done as part of fix for MODELER-15


o MODELER-18 	 support for general descriptors
o MODELER-17 	 [modeler] MbeansSource don't use args at mbeans and operations
o MODELER-16 	 [modeler] download links broken
o MODELER-15 	 [modeler] IntrospectionUtils memory leak
o MODELER-14 	 After setting an Attribute the Notification Listener
will not performed
o MODELER-13 	 [modeler] BaseModelMBean class setModeledType method
should be setModelerType
o MODELER-12 	 [modeler] ManagedBean uses the wrong case for ObjectReference
o MODELER-11 	 [modeler] Null Pointer Exception - Non-Singleton Registry
o MODELER-10 	 [modeler] DTD violation when using simple wrapping
o MODELER-9 	 [modeler] Registry.convertValue doesn't support longs
o MODELER-8 	 [modeler] AttributeChangeNotification sent before
attribute changes
o MODELER-7 	 sendAttributeChangeNotification on setAttribute
o MODELER-6 	 [modeler] wiki page is immutable and out-of-date
o MODELER-5 	 [modeler] setServer stack overflow
o MODELER-4 	 [modeler] Overloaded operations throw "wrong number of
parameters" exception
o MODELER-3 	 [modeler] maven build fails on os x with test failure.
o MODELER-2 	 [modeler] Registry insufficiently synchronized
o MODELER-1 	 ClassNotFoundException while using the Notification

-- dims

PS: Please wait a bit for the web site and mirrors to catch up :)

Davanum Srinivas : (Oxygen for Web Service Developers)

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