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From "Carlos Sanchez" <>
Subject Re: [vfs] split of vfs
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 15:02:24 GMT
I prefer several jars

On 7/27/06, Mario Ivankovits <> wrote:
> Hi!
> > Then why not split that further and have
> > commons-vfs-bz2.jar etc...
> Yes, this is something Vincent Massol also told me to do.
> The reasons I wanted to go down to two jars are:
> *) each jar will have its own release cycle, means, we have to vote for
> each artifact, no? I think the number of mails in commons-dev is already
> high enough ;-)

You can release all of them together calling only for a vote, release
them separately is an optional (but useful) feature

VFS 1.0 can be a composition of several vfs-*-1.0 jars, with just one tag

> *) I have the feeling that maintaining it is way too much work for me
> now, say, building all these releases, checking them and so on.
> Once VFS again has a significant number of developers (or its own
> release manager) such a structure might be manageable.
> I know that it will be the nicer structure, but should a commons project
> have such a complicated structure, I guess no.
> Maybe it might work better if VFS is a TLP (or at least out of commons)
> with its own mailing list and so on, though, not sure if/when this will
> happen. The lack of developers is definitely a NoNo for this.
> Ciao,
> Mario
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