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From Stephen Colebourne <>
Subject Re: [lang] VariableFormatter - pre 2.2
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 23:48:32 GMT
Gary Gregory wrote:
>>At a minimum, I'd like to see MapVariableResolver packge scoped.
> Looking at the message thread:
> It seems that another proposal being discussed back in April was to make
> some classes /easier/ to reuse and extend for the more advanced users by
> making them come out of inner, which would also mean keeping them
> public.

The problem here is that once we publish the API thats it, we can't 
unpublish it. MapVariableResolver seems like an internal class that we 
create for our own needs. All the constructors allow for a Map to be 
passed in, so the users of MapVariableResolver will be very much edge 
case users.

>>However, I thnk I'd rather see VariableResolver changed to be a more
>>general StrLookup class rather like StrMatcher. That way it could be
>>used equally as well independent of VariableFormatter.

Gary Gregory wrote:
> The challenge to me here is that I've heard some folks says they do not
> want [lang] to become too framework-like. I am wondering if making
> VariableResolver more generic would go in that direction. The nice thing
> I see about the way it is now is that the solution is on making the
> variable resolver pluggable and nothing more. Which is a draw back if
> that interface is really /that great/.

The question is whether we can see a [lang] use case for using StrLookup 
other than in VariableFormatter.

Oliver Heger wrote:
 > Fine with me, but could the return value of lookup be Object instead
 > of String? Especially if you want to use this interface in other
  areas, you might need more freedom. If only String processing needs
 > to be performed, the returned Object can be transformed to a String by
 > calling toString().

But what kind of object are you expectng to be returned here (other than 
a String)?

A similar question applies to the replaceObject() method which appears 
to have very odd semantics as you can't rely on the return value being 
of any specific type. What Objects are you expecting to work with?


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