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From Filip Defoort <>
Subject Re: [VFS] accessing FileObjects from different threads
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2006 18:37:08 GMT
Hi Mario,

Follow-up on today's testing: indeed, no more deadlock problems. Yeah!

I did notice one thing, that is that the behaviour of 
FileObject.listChildren() seems
to have changed. It now throw an exception when you do a list children on a
file (as opposed to a folder). I believe it simply returned null or an 
empty array

Not sure if this change is intended or if it's a side-effect of some of 
the changes...

- Filip

Filip Defoort wrote:
> Hi Mario,
> Indeed -- it's been a while again... too little time, too many things 
> to do;
> but I keep coming back to VFS :-D. Still would love to find the time
> to improve the normalization...
> It's primarily reads of metadata about the FileObjects that I think 
> are causing
> the problems (listChildren(), getType(),...) -- I don't touch the 
> actual content
> often enough to show any signs there.   It showed up after switching
> to RC8-snapshot to work around the cache freshness problem and some
> changes in my code to page in information on demand as the main
> tables scroll independently.
> The symptom is either deadlock on FileObject synchronization or NPE,
> depending on the test.
> I'll have testing done tomorrow with HEAD and see if it props up with 
> the very latest
> VFS (without the SynchronizedFileObject decoration) and will let you
> know... If the problem is still there, I can get you the thread dumps...
> Thanks and Cheers!
> - Filip
> Mario Ivankovits wrote:
>> Hi Filip, nice to read you again.
>>> Sometimes, the FileObject gets detached while it's still being used by
>>> another
>>> thread causing exceptions and sometimes the FileObject go into a
>>> deadlock.
>> As you already noticed ( you are bleedingly fast) :-) I committed a try
>> to fix this issue.
>> Maybe if you simply try the svn head version it might behave better
>> already without any additional change. But for sure, if one thread tries
>> to copy the file and another one deletes it at the same time you'll get
>> exceptions again.
>> Could you please provide more informations about the operations you try
>> in parallel on the same fileObject?
>> The next NEW thing you can try is, to decorate the file object so that
>> it will synchronize each call.
>>         StandardFileSystemManager manager = new 
>> StandardFileSystemManager();
>>         manager.setCacheStrategy(CacheStrategy.ON_RESOLVE);
>>         manager.setFileObjectDecorator(SynchronizedFileObject.class);
>>         manager.init();
>> if you use instanceof with your FileObjects you have to change this to
>> FileObjectUtils.isInstanceOf
>> However, the deadlock problem might be more problematic. We need a "full
>> thread dump" to figure out whats the problem.
>> Also the SynchronizedFileObject might introduce new deadlocks as it
>> synchronize against the fileObject instance, internally the FileObject
>> itself has to synchronize against the fileSystem .... but hey, its a 
>> try.
>> Could you please check this out.
>> Thanks!
>> Ciao,
>> Mario
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