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From Filip Defoort <>
Subject [VFS] FileObject.close rules
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 00:08:13 GMT
Hi VFS/Mario,

I'm digging through some older VFS based code, and I used to plaster
FileObject.close() through the code (essentially after each resolve) to
make sure I had current information.

With the new ON_RESOLVE cache strategy, is that still the recommended
way of doing things ?

Or can I just leave the FileObjects I need often open, do a 
resolveFile() before
I use them. Will they still get kicked out of the cache this way ? (or does
leaving a FileObject open lock it in memory)

It'd be great if someone could give some general guidelines on what the
intended usage patterns are with the new caching system...

Thanks in advance,
- Filip

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