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From "Niall Pemberton" <>
Subject [finder] Switch from java.util.FileFilter to Commons IO's IOFileFilter
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2006 19:22:59 GMT
Having separated out the FileFilter implementations I then went off
and had a look at what Commons IO provided. Their IOFileFilter
interface is a combination of the and interfaces and they have a number of
implementations that we could use in place of those in Finder. Plus
I've submitted 4 new ones to Commons IO:

Also on the horizon is a Regex implementation whenever IO moves to JDK 1.4:

Potentially then we could get rid of most of our implementations and
use the IO ones:

CompositeFilter --> AndFileFilter / OrFileFilter (now)
CanReadFilter ---> CanReadFileFilter (IO-85 submitted to IO)
CanWriteFilter ---> CanWriteFileFilter (IO-85 submitted to IO)
EmptyFilter ---> EmptyFileFilter (IO-85 submitted to IO)
HiddenFilter ---> HiddenFileFilter (IO-85 submitted to IO)
MinFilter ---> AgeFileFilter (now)
TimeFilter --> AgeFileFilter (now)
NewerFilter --> AgeFileFilter (now)
NameFilter ---> WildcardFileFilter (IO 1.3)
RegexFilter --> RegexFileFilter (IO-74 submitted to IO)
TypeFilter ---> DirectoryFileFilter (plus NotFileFilter) (now)

There is a SizeFileFilter in IO, but it doesn't work exactly the same
way as SizeFilter. The only other imlementation is PathFilter which
doesn't have an equivalent in Commons IO.

Anyway the upshot of it is I think we should switch finder from using
java.util.FileFilter to IOFileFilter and plug in the implementations
that are currently available in IO 1.2.

Any objections?


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