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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject [all] Nightlies are back...mostly
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2006 04:50:04 GMT
Nightlies are back up and running for most components.  I still think
maven2 + continuum is the way to go long term, but to get the
nightlies back up, I hacked together a little bash script based on
Craig's and set it up to run as a crontab on

It would be great if people could have a look at the nightlies
themselves as well as the script, which I checked into commons-build
as ""  I have no shame regarding my limited bash
(or Java, actually ;-) skills, so feel free to make suggestions for
improvement or submit patches.  Be careful checking in the script,
though, as it is executed via a crontab wrapper that svn ups it before
executing it on  You can test it locally by
changing the config to make your local host the deploy host.  You have
to gen an ssh key (if you don't already have one) and trust it locally
to do this.

The script reads lists of components from commons-build txt files like
"nightly_sandbox_maven_list.txt" and executes maven clean dist for the
ones in the maven lists and ant clean dist for those in the ant lists
(after svn up).  I split them up based on whether or not I could get
"maven clean dist" to work.  The ant lists consist of components for
which the maven build did not work, but the ant build did. I have left
a few things in the maven list even though they fail, because the
reason seems trivial (e.g. clover license, or missing sun jars - I
will fix the second).  It svn ups the lists before executing, so if
you want to move components from ant -> maven, or vice-versa, just
make the changes to the files and check them in.  Remember to delete
as well as add; otherwise the script will run both.

Logs for each component build are for the moment being written out to
under dated directories.  I didn't want to clutter the normal nightly
location with logs, but that could be changed if we like having them

I ommitted dormant components.  If anyone feels strongly that we
should be doing nightlies for any of these, the script can be patched
to do that.

There are no sigs or hashes.  Another easy patch, but since this all
runs as me, I don't want to sign.  Adding hashes is no problem.  Some
of the maven builds do this already.  Best would probably be to have
the maven builds all do it and the nightly script just copy out.  I am
OK either way, but the script needs to be patched in either case to
scp the hashes.

More warts:

1) The files are not group writable on the deploy host
(  I set the umask in the script, but somehow the
permissions are not getting set right.  Any pointers / patches on how
to get the wrapper or script itself to do this correctly would be

2) Ubuntu on vmbuild seems to have no zip command, so the ant builds
are not getting zips generated.  I guess I could break down and fork
Ant again to do the zips, but maybe there is an easier way?

3) While it would be easy to get jar:deploy done from within the maven
loop, that seems like running with scissors.  Also, what would be
deployed would be a SNAPSHOT that just over-wrote the previous (I
think). This exposes another wart - though the names are munged to be
dated, the internally bundled jars are not.  For anyone wanting to
play with this, be forwarned that Ubuntu rename is picky - you need to
use the perl regexp form like the script does.  Could be there is a
simple maven way to get this right.

Thanks in advance for feedback / patches / review of the output and
help getting the failing builds restored.


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